Be In The Moment

"The future is now. Technology has exceeded our humanity. Are we starting to lose the skills that truly make us human?"

Our BBC Wakakirri story started at the beginning of the year with over one quarter of the Junior School rehearsing every Thursday and over the holidays. The dedication and commitment shown by both our students and staff has been exemplary and a true celebration of our seven month journey.

Wakakirri is Australia’s largest school performing arts event. Each year schools across Australia create Story Dances that reflect student’s thoughts, ideas and aspirations. These stories are performed in professional theatres in front of the official ‘Wakakirri Panel’ who are searching for ‘Story of the Year’.

Expressive Arts
Performing arts is a profound and important part of any child’s education, and the skills learned and experience gained through participation in Dance and Drama affect and improve the student’s abilities within many contexts. It also extends the students in a variety of ways and creates memories they will treasure forever. BBC Junior School extends a boy’s appreciation and passion for the expressive arts by offering after school workshops all year round. These workshops are run by Mr Thompson in collaboration with industry professionals. The boys are then given the opportunity to showcase their skills at various performances throughout the year.In addition to the Wakakirri program, which focuses on dance and drama, the Expressive Arts banner also runs Film and Animation workshops. These workshops focus on getting young minds excited about learning the technical skills for making and producing movies.

Energetic and Engaging

Congratulations to our Junior School Wakakirri performers who have received the following awards and the honour of appearing in the Queensland State Finals this September. Congratulations boys!

Performance awards: 
• Excellent artwork on sets 
• Excellent overall costume design 
• Well-rehearsed performance 
• Excellent group dance 
• Amazing visual effects 
• Spirit of Wakakirri 
• Best individual costume

State awards: 
• Best science fiction story 
• Opportunity to perform at Awards Night