We are BBC, hear us roar!

Four of BBC’s finest young men recently competed in the Brisbane Metropolitan Lions Youth of the Year trial. The Seniors, James Ward, Max Kirsch, Angus Caulton and Jack Longwill showed great commitment to the competition’s aim and processes.

Mrs Treasa Kennedy, Head of English was enormously proud of each boy's thought-provoking, clever speech. She was most proud of their excellent ability to negotiate the most difficult part of the competition, the impromptu questions.

Two BBC Old Boys (now lawyers), Murray Proctor (1994) and Tom Law (2011) participated as judges in the competition. Both of these men represented BBC for this club in their times as Senior students at BBC, both reaching State level in the competition.

These four Collegians are fine examples of intelligence, genuine sincerity and resilience, and are remarkable representatives of our College. Following a series of questions, planned and impromptu, each student delivered well-articulated and justified responses that fully engaged and entertained the audience. This was followed by a five minute planned speech on the following topics:

James Ward: The Importance of the Humanities in Stem: The Need to Turn STEM into "STEAM"

Max Kirsch: The Importance of Illegal Drugs

Angus Caulton: The Hate War (focusing on misconceptions that all Muslims are terrorists) 

Jack Longwill: The Dual Citizenship Fiasco

Max Kirsch won the award for best prepared speech, and James Ward was selected as the successful candidate for the Brisbane Metropolitan Lions' Club. James will go on to experience this trial and evaluation process again in the competition rounds to come (a total of up to 5 weekend days, commencing 3 March).

Congratulations to all four boys involved on their achievements and their fine representation of our College.