This week we honour our Seniors of 2019 in a special Leaders’ Induction Assembly in College Hall. Whilst our College Captain, Co-Vice Captains and Prefects, have specific positions to which they are appointed, all Year 12 students are invited to assume the role of leaders in the College.

The new portfolio model of leadership will foster meaningful participation and experiences by modelling democratic processes, enabling boys to contribute to an area of school life where they feel connected. This model will draw upon the strengths, interests and curiosities of a broad range of boys within the College, encouraging them to be active citizens within the College community.
Best of luck gentlemen for the year ahead!

2019 Prefects

  • Taehwan Kim, College Captain
  • Charlie Bell, College Vice-Captain and Hamilton House Prefect
  • Patrick Thygesen, College Vice-Captain and Sport Prefect
  • Xavier Catford, Academic Prefect
  • Ometh Rajapakse, Academic Prefect
  • Brett Davidson, Birtles House Prefect
  • Lukas Ripley, Birtles House Prefect
  • Ben Norton, Campbell House Prefect
  • Jordan Soldatic, Campbell House Prefect
  • Bradley Bloom, Flynn House Prefect
  • Max Carlyon, Flynn House Prefect
  • Luka Boskovic, Hamilton House Prefect
  • Aidan McWhirter, Knox House Prefect
  • Jack Ryan, Knox House Prefect
  • Connor Bulley, McKenzie House Prefect
  • Thomas Campbell, McKenzie House Prefect
  • Lachlan MacMillan, Peer Support Prefect
  • William O’Meara, Peer Support Prefect
  • Daniel Aziz, Performing Arts Prefect
  • Junsung Oh, Performing Arts Prefect
  • Benjamin Fenwicke, Rudd House Captain
  • Bradley Altman, Rudd House Vice-Captain
  • Will Stevens, Rudd House Vice-Captain
  • Samuel Braithwaite, Social Action Prefect
  • Lachlan Tonkin, Social Action Prefect
  • Liam McBrien, Spiritual Life Prefect
  • Ethan Waugh, Spiritual Life Prefect
  • Flynn Brien, Sport Prefect
  • Max Bennett, Visual Arts Prefect
  • Toby Hobart, Visual Arts Prefect
  • Jacob Andrews, Wellbeing Prefect
  • Rodrigo Madrigal, Wellbeing Prefect
  • Louie Buchan, Wesley House Prefect
  • Thomas Goffage, Wesley House Prefect
  • Luke Janse van Rensburg, Wheller House Prefect
  • Ethan Rose, Wheller House Prefect