International Mathematical Modeling Challenge - Honourable Mention

Australian student teams in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C) show that maths can help with real-life, everyday decision making.

Coordinated in Australia by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), IM2C is a mathematical modelling competition that invites teams of up to four students from secondary schools to visualise, understand and apply mathematics in order to develop an original mathematical model that solves a common problem.

Australian teams entered for IM2C 2018 used their research, mathematical and creative abilities to develop a mathematical model to address a problem that students might face in their daily lives: deciding which hospital would be the best choice for non-emergency treatment.

Congratulations to Year 11 students James English, Xavier Catford, Ometh Rajapakse and Ethan Waugh who were finalists in the 2018 International Mathematical Modeling Challenge.

Ross Turner, project director for IM2C at ACER, commended the 12 national finalists, and the mathematical modelling work of all Australian national competition entrants.

“With 163 Australian teams entered for IM2C 2018, we have seen a huge increase in interest in mathematical modelling this year,” Mr Turner said. “Programs like IM2C are leading the way in helping students to see how mathematics can be applied to solve real-world problems.

“What is especially pleasing is that many schools have seen that IM2C is an opportunity to engage students from different year levels in a challenging but accessible mathematical activity.”

Judging in the IM2C 2018 international round will be completed in July. For more information, visit

Competitions such as this build proficiency, encourage collaboration, and challenge students to use mathematics to make a real difference to the world around them. Congratulations to our boys who received an Honourable Mention award for their real-world application of learning.