A parent's guide to homework and study

Homework - it’s one of those subjects that can cause angst for not only students, but parents and teachers alike.

A topic that can quickly conjure up memories of our own time at school and one often associated with stories of stress for students and assignment fails for parents, some 20 to 30 years later, after endeavouring to complete homework for their son or daughter.

According to Director of Clearing Skies, Michele Juratowitch, it needn't be this way if we choose to see homework as an opportunity for children to learn how to establish good habits, and most importantly as a means of building their growing minds each and every day.

Earlier this month, BBC’s Parents and Friends’ Association hosted its first Parent Forum for the year, led by Michele, with support from a number of BBC staff. The initiative is designed to assist parents in navigating their son's school journey and the world of parenthood.

The following insights, taken from the evening, explore what you need to know about your son’s brain and how this can assist when it comes to navigating homework and study.

We thank Michele for allowing us to share her insights from the evening.

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