The limit of our limitations 

Unlocking the truth about performance 

When you reflect on what has been collectively achieved in the last 40, 50 or 60 years alone a picture of immense growth and global advancement is revealed; a series of the seemingly impossible, made possible. In today’s environment, it can be easy to attribute such advances to technology alone, and easy to forget that had someone not imagined up these possibilities, had they not dared to explore, been willing to make mistakes, to learn and redefine the status quo, much of what we know and value today would simply not exist. 

According to educator and Unleashing Personal Potential Founder, Luke McKenna - who recently spoke with parents at the P&F’s second Parent Forum - when it comes to performance, and in the context of education, unlocking each boy's potential, the answer lies in the mind and in fostering a growth mindset.

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