The BBC Tennis program continues to grow from strength to strength with our First IV Tennis team being crowned 2019 GPS Premiers.

The First IV (Finn M, Liam F, Eric P and Sam B) finished the season as undefeated Premiers giving the College its 7th Tennis Premiership in a row and its 11th Tennis Premiership in the past 14 years.

This is the seventh consecutive year that BBC has taken the top honour and it is a true testament to the commitment and consistency of players and coaches across the BBC Tennis Program.

In 2019 the College had 10 teams that finished in first position (Second IV, Third IV, Fourth IV, 11B, 11C, 10A, 9D, 7A, 7C, 7D). The overall success rate for the season was around 80% with 26 from the 32 teams finishing in the top three positions.

Congratulations boys!