Success Has Many Faces

At Brisbane Boys’ College, we don’t just teach our boys to answer the question correctly, we teach them to ask the correct question and discover the role they can play in the world. Each year we are immensely proud of our Senior students who walk through the Portal and journey beyond the school gates equipped with the confidence and capability to change the world. 

Last year, our 2017 Senior cohort achieved outstanding results with 43.6 percent of OP Eligible Students securing an OP between 1 and 5 and 83.9 percent achieving a score between 1 and 10, with more than 77 percent of our OP Eligible Students achieving either an A or B grade in the Queensland Core Skills Test.

For Headmaster, Mr Paul Brown, the real success story belongs to all 2017 Seniors, who are now forging their individual journey having excelled in their pathway of choice.

“BBC is a nonselective academic school which focuses on assisting each and every student to reach their potential and prepares them to take their place in the world as confident, competent and compassionate young men who will contribute to the health, wellbeing and prosperity of their community and the nation at large,” said Mr Brown.

“At BBC we believe success has many faces and ensuring boys are able to get to where they want to go has always been our first measure of success,” he said.

“Our boys are encouraged to participate in a wide range of academic, sporting, co-curricular, service and cultural pursuits to develop interests that complement their formal studies.”

“Our QTAC entry statistics continue to speak to this with 97.2 per cent of our 2017 Senior cohort receiving a tertiary offer, with 69.9 percent receiving their first preference.”

“These figures highlight the legitimacy of pathways and the importance of supporting all boys to  reach their goals, by empowering them with choices as to how they can achieve them.”

“It’s exciting to see boys opting to pursue a variety of careers from agribusiness, medicine, engineering, psychological science, music, health, environmental management, property economics and more. For us, these are the real stories; the outcomes that result from an exceptional education and we look forward to hearing of their ongoing achievements.”

Whilst preparing students to contribute to their community is a large focus, Mr Brown also believes that the quality of programs delivered at BBC can only be as good as those delivering them.

“I want to develop accomplished, well-resourced and inspirational staff, committed to the students under their care and imbued with a strong sense of service, professional learning and collegiality.”

“Our job, as educators, is to know your son, to tailor his experience and support him as an individual. This sits at the heart of our guiding philosophy All about the boy. Our approach is, of course, supported by a range of initiatives designed to strengthen his learning experience.”