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Brisbane Boys’ College students have woken this morning to superb results, with 27 scholars achieving an OP1 or OP2.

Our 2017 Seniors are a remarkable cohort, with 43.6% of OP eligible students achieving an OP 1 to 5, more than 83.9% achieving an OP 1 to 10 and 99.3% achieving between an OP1 to 15.

More than 77% achieved either an A or B grade in the Queensland Core Skills Test.

97.2% of our 2017 Senior cohort received a tertiary offer, with more than 69% of students receiving thier first preference and more than 88% if students receiving their first, second or third preference.

It has been an impressive year for Brisbane Boys’ College, which also claimed two GPS premierships in Tennis and Basketball as well as the GPS Track and Field Championship, not to mention the continuing success of the College’s cultural and service programs.

BBC is incredibly proud of our Year 12s and their achievements - whatever their pathway may be - in what marks another outstanding year for our school. Congratulations boys!