Serving others for the greater good.

For many of us, our thoughts turn to caffeine first thing in the morning - a welcome fix for the daily grind in the western world. Yet travel across to Cambodia, one of Asia's poorest countries, and a very different picture reveals itself as they wake in readiness for a 14-hour day in the rice fields, earning a mere $2 for their efforts. 

Whilst our lives are worlds apart, at BBC that morning brew has played a central role in ensuring Cambodian children have access to quality education and inevitably a brighter future for the past six years.

Every Wednesday and Friday morning, a group of Brisbane Boys' College budding student baristas and staff arrive particularly early to start up the coffee machine in readiness for the onslaught of coffee orders from College staff.

Since 2012, the initiative has raised enough money to participate in Harvest Cambodia's Teacher Training program - a charity that works with Cambodian communities to provide growth through education. -  which sees qualified Australian teachers travel to the First Steps School in the village of Kok Thnot in Siem Reap to provide invaluable support and training for local teachers. 

The Stepping Stones School provides lessons to children in organic farming, health and hygiene, environmental care and animal farming techniques. Yet it's the free English classes and access to technology that are seen to be the most important assets in securing a brighter future.

With this in mind, a group of BBC staff and students travel to Cambodia annually in December to deliver much-needed (old, unused) Tablet PCs and English classes, and to provide assistance in the construction of school buildings.

Below is a video produced by BBC student, Sam Braithwaite to illustrate the amazing impact the initiative has had on a Cambodian village as well as the students involved. 

Coffee for Cambodia has clearly made a positive change on the future of many children and their villages, but it is the positive impact on the College community that will forever be in our hearts.