Celebrating the GPS Centenary

On 20 September 1918, The GPS Association of Queensland was formed. Today we celebrate GPS’s 100th birthday and the spirit of fellowship that unites our nine GPS schools and makes us 100 years strong.

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100 Years Strong

One hundred years of war cries that travel across the fields, outside the pitch, over the fence.

One hundred years of waking up in the early hours to train, and of practice well into the night.

One hundred years of anticipation the night before the game or the grand performance.

One hundred years filled with the smell of freshly cut grass on the cricket pitch, of the taste of zinc on lips.

One hundred years of exhausted parents ensuring their children arrive for games and then cheering them on from the side-lines.

The centenary is a chance to connect with our past. As we take the time to meet them, we realise our predecessors were not so very different from us.

Because being part of the GPS is being a part of something far greater than us.

It is a global community that extends far beyond the school gates, and lasts a lifetime.

As we remember the fellowship, commitment and service to one another among our member schools in the past, we celebrate those values in our own futures.

This year we mark one hundred years of instilling the courage to celebrate both victories and honourable defeats, to play with pride and lose with integrity.

We celebrate the creativity and dedication which brings our students together through music.

We remember the relentless pursuit of excellence, the extraordinary power of opportunity, the good-natured rivalry and steadfast bonds that have been formed, and we celebrate being one hundred years strong.

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