BBC boys bound for RoboCup Junior World Championships in Montreal

There is no better way to learn that to compete, gather data and draw inspiration from the best in the world and this is exactly what our Robotics teams will experience when they travel to Montreal in June to compete in the RoboCup Junior World Championships.

BBC’s Robotics club sits at the core of the school’s philosophy, with a focus on developing boys’ minds to be forward thinking and to foster new world capabilities such as creativity, invention, imagination and problem solving. Boys also gain experience in mechanical, electrical and software design and project management skills as they investigate new concepts and exchange ideas.

The boys have been busy researching the latest code and best team practice as they design, build, modify and upgrade their soccer robots in preparation for international rules and competition.

This is not the first time a team from BBC has represented Australia at the Robocup World Championships. In 2015, BBC returned with a win in the Junior Heavyweight Soccer competition and last five BBC students defied the odds and defeated teams from world leading technology giants China, Germany and Japan to be crowned World SuperTeam Champions at the Robocup 2017 Championships in Nagoya, Japan.

Through its Robotics program the College has been harnessing students’ energy, curiosity and thirst for innovation for more than 30 years and now offers a Robotics Immersion Program beginning in Year 3 to complement the co-curricular activity of Robotic offered from Years 4 to 12.

Several past students of the BBC Robotics program have gone on to highly successful careers in the STEM disciplines, applying the skills learned at school to real world situations, with many returning to BBC as trainers for our beginner and intermediate robotics groups.

We wish our boys the best of luck as they, and their robots, prepare to take on the best in the world in Montreal.

Road to the World Championships

  • LJ STAND (Lightweight Soccer) – 2016 Australia (first), 2017 Worlds (third and first in Super-team), 2017 Australia (first)
  • Team FG and B (Open Soccer)  – 2017 Australia (first), 2017 Asia-Pacific (second)
  • Team Apex (Open Soccer) – 2017 Australia (fourth), 2017 Queensland (second)
  • Team Deus Vult (Lightweight Soccer) – 2017 Australia (second)
  • All four teams qualified to represent Australia last year at Nationals
  • The core of each team has been together for multiple years, improving their designs each year
  • Most boys have come up through the Robotics program (some started in Year 4).