While we are not an academically selective school, we are an academic institution that strives for excellence and our academic results consistently rank among the very best in the state.

We are not content to judge ourselves against other schools in our immediate environment; rather, we raise our sights and draw inspiration from the best educational systems around the world and from evidence-based research.

Our dedicated teaching staff are committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to achieve. This holds true whether the boys have different needs, come from different educational settings, have different attention spans and interests, different language abilities or different cultural backgrounds.

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2018 Seniors’ academic results at a glance:

Academically, 2018 saw some outstanding student achievements and academic gains. Our graduating Seniors of 2018 achieved excellent Overall Position (OP) outcomes for another year. The 2018 Brisbane Boys’ College graduates performed significantly above the State.

Of the OP eligible Seniors of 2018, 40.44% received an OP between OP1 and OP5; 83.09% received an OP between OP1 and OP10 and 100% received an OP between OP1 and OP15.

OP Range OP 1-5 OP 1-10 OP 1-15
BBC 2018 40% 83% 100%
State 2018 22% 54% 83%

In another record performance for the College, more than 32% of our 2018 OP Eligible students achieved an A grade in the QCS Test, more than 70 percent achieved either an A or a B, and more than 95.6 % recorded either an A, B, or C. In the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test, two students of the 2018 cohort achieved the distinction of recording the highest scaling score ever achieved at the College.

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