BBC has a proud history of providing outstanding sporting and cultural programs. Students are supported through the provision of state-of-the art facilities, well-resourced programs and access to the finest coaches, mentors, teachers and tutors – including current and former professional athletes, musicians and performance artists – many of whom are recognised nationally and internationally.

Our staff are dedicated to providing innovative and creative programs that challenge and extend students with a higher level of ability, helping them to reach their potential and achieve their goals in the rigours of state, national and international competition.

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Information for applicants

All Co-curricular Excellence Scholarship applicants are required to submit an Application for Scholarship Form and any additional documents as part of the Portfolio of Accomplishments. If your son is not yet enrolled at the College an Online Enrolment Form is also required (see process below). A non-refundable application fee of $120.00 applies.

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Download the Application for Scholarship Form

Applications for the BBC 2023 Co-Curricular Excellence Scholarship program are now open. 

Selection Criteria

Brisbane Boys’ College welcomes applications from candidates who meet the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstrates a high standard of effort and behaviour
  • Demonstrates sound academic achievement as noted in past school reports
  • Demonstrates a high level of achievement in one (or more) of the below sub-categories:

Competitive: Sports, Debating, Chess, Robotics
To be selected for an interview the applicant must be achieving the following:

Student is a State or National Level representative in their chosen sport(s) or activity; and participates or competes at a high level in at least one other sport or activity (regional representative or above)

Cultural and Performing Arts: Music, Pipe Band, Theatre
To be selected to audition the applicant should be able to demonstrate or be achieving at the following level:

  Strings Woodwind Brass Percussion Vocals Rock band Pipe Band
Year 7 AMEB Grade 4 AMEB Grade 3 AMEB Grade 3 AMEB Grade 4 AMEB Grade 2-3 Extensive experience and completion of relevant AMEB exams Solo piping or drumming ‘C’ grade
Year 8 AMEB Grade 5 AMEB Grade 4 AMEB Grade 4 AMEB Grade 5 AMEB Grade 3-4
Year 9 AMEB Grade 6 AMEB Grade 5 AMEB Grade 5 AMEB Grade 6 AMEB Grade 4-5 Solo piping or drumming ‘B’ grade
Year 10 AMEB Grade 7 AMEB Grade 6 AMEB Grade 6 AMEB Grade 7 AMEB Grade 5-6
Year 11
  • Plus, participation at a high level in a least one other co-curricular activity offered by the College

Cultural and Performing Arts: Music, Pipe Band, Theatre
To be selected to audition the applicant should be able to demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Advanced range of acting skills and an ability to convey a character with dynamism, as demonstrated in an audition
  • Lead role in school/club/regional drama club production or regional level public speaking
  • Extensive involvement in school/club musicals, productions or theatre sports
  • Participation at a high level in a least one other co-curricular activity offered by the College

Scholarship Obligations

Co-Curricular Excellence Scholarship recipients are expected to meet certain obligations as part of maintaining their scholarship place at the College. These include the following:

  • Maintain a high standard of effort and behaviour, as indicated by a Subject Application Rating (SAR) average of 3.5 or better
  • Demonstrated commitment in one main co-curricular activity, as well as involvement in a second co-curricular activity at the College
  • Demonstrated involvement in at least one cultural or service activity each year
  • Financial capability to cover any remaining fees (including any incidentals)

The above applies in addition to any special terms and conditions listed in a scholarship offer

Co-curricular Excellence Scholarship Application Process

Applicants new to the College who have not yet completed an enrolment application:

All scholarship applicants who have not already done so must complete a Brisbane Boys’ College Online Enrolment Form as part of their application.

You will be invited to submit this unique code in the final ‘Review and Payment’ step in your online application. Use the code BBCexcel23, for the non-refundable $120 application fee.

You will be required to upload the following documentation as part of your online enrolment application:

  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate and/or Passport
  • School reports from the last two years
  • Most recent NAPLAN and if undertaken, ICAS results (Reports written in a language other than English are required to be translated and certified)
  • Application for Scholarship Form, and an accompanying Portfolio of Accomplishments. Please use the template provided as a guide. Please upload the documents (in pdf or word doc format) when invited to submit “Additional Supportive Documents” in the online application.

Submit an Online Enrolment Form

Download the Application for Scholarship Form


Applicants who are current BBC students, or already enrolled:

Please email the completed Application for Scholarship Form, receipt of the $120 fee payment and accompanying Portfolio of Accomplishments to the Admissions Office at

Enrolled students who have not yet commenced at the College should also ensure they have provided the Admissions Office with their most recent contact details, school reports and NAPLAN/ICAS results (if undertaken).

Please ensure you contact the College if your registration contact details change.

Download the Application for Scholarship Form



As a general guide, interviews for short-listed candidates will be held progressively from April. For families who have not yet had the opportunity to visit Brisbane Boys’ College, our Junior and Middle/Senior School College Tours are a wonderful event by which to measure the breadth of opportunity and engagement in learning evidence in our boys. View our upcoming tour dates, and register for the tour of your choice.

Individual tours may also be arranged with the Admissions Office. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Eligibility Criteria

These scholarships are awarded to students who can successfully demonstrate general excellence across a number of co-curricular fields. Awarding of this scholarship is determined based on merit and level of achievement and not needs-based. Scholarship places are strictly limited. Scholarships are only open to Australian Residents.

Students who are seeking enrolment, but do not have the financial means to enrol at the College, are welcome to apply for the BBC Bursary Program.

Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the term of the enrolment, subject to an annual performance review.

Brisbane Boys’ College Admissions


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