Parents often seek answers to similar questions when it comes to choosing the right school. To assist we've compiled a number of frequently asked questions.

General information and boys education

How many students are at BBC and what are the class sizes?

The College has an enrolment of approximately 1550. Boys are able to receive individualised attention in smaller class sizes:

  • Junior School – classes of approximately 20 students in Prep to Year 3 and classes of approximately 25 students in Years 4 to 6
  • Middle School – classes of approximately 25 students in Years 7 to 9
  • Senior School – classes of approximately 25 students in core classes and between 15 to 25 students in elective classes

How many female teachers does BBC have?

Approximately 31 percent of BBC's academic staff are female.

What are the benefits of an all boy education?

There are a number of benefits which come from an all boy education, which have been supported by research including:

  • Boys are less distracted in single-sex schools and are more likely to concentrate on the task at hand
  • The curriculum can gear all resources to the specific needs of boys
  • Some subjects are more difficult to explore and discuss in co-educational schools
  • A single-sex school fosters a safe learning environment that encourages full participation in all activities across the board (arts, sports, community service etc)
  • Boys learn differently from girls and these needs are catered for

Are there opportunities for boys to interact with girls?

To assist with their social development many opportunities exist for boys to interact with girls including:

  • Gifted education workshops and Days of Excellence, hosted by BBC with other schools
  • BBC boys perform collaboratively with a girls school each year in music or drama performances
  • A number of social education events are organised by the College to provide the opportunity for boys to have interaction with girls such as Year 10 dancing classes and Interschool Christian Fellowship activities
  • BBC boys also have the opportunity to interact with girls from our sister schools Clayfield College and Somerville House

How is bullying dealt with at the College?

At Brisbane Boys' College we have a no tolerance policy on bullying. Visit our policies page for a comprehensive outline of our policy.

Does Brisbane Boys' College offer scholarships? How do I apply?

Brisbane Boys' College offers a number of scholarships and bursaries across various categories and provides opportunities for boys, who without financial assistance, may not have been able to benefit from a BBC education. Please contact Admissions staff or refer to our scholarship page for further information. 

Our programs

Do you have an Outdoor Education program?

An extensive program is in place for Years 4 to 10 students, with an option to undertake an Outdoor Recreation course in Years 11 and 12.

The purpose of Outdoor Education is to augment the education of each BBC boy by challenging him to experience an integrated program of academic, physical and social skills development in an outdoor environment under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Do you offer a music program? 

Music has always been an important part of BBC and is encouraged and nurtured at all levels, including the early years where boys in Prep, Years 1 and 2 benefit from class music lessons every school day. More than 450 boys take part in our instrumental or vocal lessons and are actively involved in various ensembles, orchestras, choirs and bands including BBC’s iconic Pipe and Drum Band.

Do they have to do sport if they want to pursue music and drama?

BBC takes a holistic approach to education and as a result all students are expected to participate in at least one sporting activity per season.

What languages do you offer?

French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese are offered at BBC.

In Years 5 and 6 boys alternate through the three languages.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, boys choose one of the three languages for this three year block. In Year 9 the language selected may be studied as a minor subject for four periods per week; or as a minor elective for two periods per week.

From Year 10, study of a language other than English is not compulsory.

What programs do you have for gifted and talented students? 

We offer opportunities for enrichment and extension to all students. The College has established a centre dedicated to meeting the needs of students with high intellectual potential. The MAP Centre (Managing Academic Potential) offers innovative and creative programs to challenge and extend these students. Subject extension is also available.

How are children with specific learning needs catered for?

BBC seeks to respond to the diverse learning needs of students across years Prep to 12 by providing support services to these students, their teachers and families. These support services are underpinned by the processes of identification, monitoring, programming, in-service training of staff and communication.

Qualified staff work to support classroom teachers in developing, implementing and evaluating appropriate learning programs that actively respond to the diverse needs of learners. These programs will be student-centred and include Individual Education Plans (IEP), Educational Adjustment Profiles (EAP), Support Plans and Curriculum Differentiation. These programs are developed to address the specific learning needs of students who are gifted, those for whom English is an additional language, those with learning difficulties and those with disabilities.

An Academic Support Program also provides assistance to students seeking to consolidate or improve their academic performance. 

While the teachers of Brisbane Boys’ College are always happy to help your son with any questions he may have, the tuition provided is additional to and should be used in conjunction with this help. It is not just a replacement for working in class and at home.

The Academic Support Program offers on-campus and out-of-normal-school hours tuition for the students of Brisbane Boys’ College. Each one hour session will have a maximum of 5 boys from the same year level receiving help with the specific subject chosen.


Do you provide bus services? 

BBC is only a five minute walk from the Toowong Railway Station and is also serviced by several major Brisbane City Council bus routes and the Regatta City Cat. In addition, the College runs five charter bus routes through Brisbane Bus Line from BBC each morning and afternoon. All vehicles are air conditioned, equipped with seat belts and GPS tracking and carry only Brisbane Boys’ College students.

What age does my son have to be to travel on the school bus? 

We would recommend you son be in at least Year 2 to travel on our bus service. Boys at that age level will be 'buddied-up' with an older student in the Junior School.

Do you offer vacation and out of school hours care?

Action Factory operate an after school and vacation care program open to BBC boys as well as other students from outside the College from Prep to Year 8. The program provides a safe and caring environment, fun activities, great food and the opportunity for children to complete homework during after school care. 

Operating hours are:

After School Care – 2.30pm to 6.00pm during term time

Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days – 7.00am to 6.00pm during school holidays and pupil free days

For more information, please contact the centre on (07) 3720 9094, or Gary Knight (Licensee) on 0407 019 195. Enrolment forms can be downloaded here.

Enrolment Process

When should I lodge my application? 

Applications are accepted any time after birth. While places may be available close to your required year of entry, registering your son early is encouraged to avoid disappointment. 

Can I apply for more than one year level?

Yes, you can request for your son to be placed on the waiting list for up to two different year levels.

What happens if I accept the offer but later decide to defer to another year level?

Places cannot be guaranteed in the event you defer. As interviews generally take place up to two years prior to commencement, you may be able to defer and have your new preference confirmed at that time.

For deferrals into year levels more distant (e.g. from Year 3 into Year 8), your son's name will be placed on the waiting list for the nominated year to be confirmed subject to vacancies and the usual entry procedures closer to the time.

New enrolment contracts will be signed at that time and you may be required to pay the balance between the confirmation fee paid in the first instance and the fee in place at the time of accepting a new place.

At what year levels do you accept international students?

We currently accept international students from Prep to Year 12. Our preference is for Junior School students to live with a parent.  For years 7 to 12, International students are required to attend the College as boarders unless they are living full-time with a parent while in attendance. For details or for conditions which may apply,  please discuss your application with Admissions Staff or refer to the International Student Handbook, found on our Overseas Students page.

Do students need to sit an IELTS test before applying to Brisbane Boys' College?

Yes, international students are required to demonstrate their English language proficiency by providing original results of testing completed no more than six months previously. IELTS or another acceptable test (such as ISLPR or AEAS) should be completed to assess their general English proficiency before coming to Brisbane Boys' College. Applicants undertaking ELICOS courses prior to commencing at Brisbane Boys’ College may also be required to complete diagnostic testing and an assessment of their English language proficiency if appropriate, and applicable prior to commencing to demonstrate that their English skills are sufficiently developed to cope with the BBC's academic programs. Further information is available in our International Student Handbook, found on our Overseas Students page.

How many international students do you have at the school?

We currently have in excess of 30 international students at the College.


Does BBC have an orientation program for new students and familes?

Yes, to help you and your son transition smoothly into his new school, BBC holds a number of orientation events and induction sessions. Click here for information on our program for new students and families to the College.