Barbara Arrowsmith-Young Presents:
Changing Brains, Exploring a New Reality – Neuroplasticity and Learning

Brisbane Boys’ College is the only school in Brisbane, and one of only a handful in Queensland to offer the Arrowsmith Program – a program designed for children who are of average to above average intelligence but are having difficulty learning academic and social skills efficiently and independently.

The Arrowsmith Program addresses a wide range of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory and/or visual processing problems, and non-verbal learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program may also be of benefit for individuals who do not have formally identified specific learning difficulties but are challenged with issues such as organisation, processing, problem solving, communication, memory, and independence.

At BBC, we are pleased to be able to supplement our already innovative and comprehensive curriculum with the Arrowsmith Program to provide boys with the chance to reach their full learning potential.

Interested parents who are wanting to know more about the Arrowsmith Program are invited to register for an upcoming virtual presentation by Founder of the Arrowsmith Program, Mrs Barbara Arrowsmith Young, entitled “Changing Brains, Exploring a New Reality – Neuroplasticity and Learning”.  This presentation will cover:

  • Why learning difficulties do not need to be lifelong
  • The principles of neuroplasticity and the factors leading to brain change
  • Barbara’s journey of discovery, the lines of research she combined, and the outcomes achieved over 40 years
  • The latest research into neuroplasticity, learning and Arrowsmith’s innovative educational approach

Please register for your preferred date and time via the appropriate link below:

Monday 14 September, 8.00pm (06.00EDT)

Tuesday 15 September, 10.00am (20.00EDT)

These sessions are open to the wider community, so please feel free to share with any family or friends whose son might benefit from the Arrowsmith Program and a BBC education.


About Barbara Arrowsmith-Young:

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is the founder of the Arrowsmith Program, an assessment process and a suite of cognitive exercises designed to stimulate and strengthen weak areas of cognitive functioning that underlie a range of learning difficulties, which has been delivered for 40+ years throughout the world.

Her work, begun in 1978, has been recognized as one of the first examples of the practical application of neuroplasticity which, simply put, is the ability of the brain to change and rewire itself over one’s lifetime. As the Director of Arrowsmith School and Arrowsmith Program, she continues to develop and refine programs for students with learning difficulties.

Her vision is that all students struggling with learning will have the opportunity to benefit from cognitive programs utilizing the principles of neuroplasticity, programs that change the brain’s capacity to learn and open to these learners a world of possibilities.The genesis of the Arrowsmith Program’s cognitive exercises lies in Barbara Arrowsmith-Young’s journey of discovery and innovation to overcome her severe learning disabilities.

Her inspirational book ‘The Woman who Changed Her Brain’ has become an international bestseller.


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