To inspire the BBC community to partner with us in impactful fundraising initiatives, bridging the gap between the College’s income and its aspiration in all facets of boys’ education at Brisbane Boys’ College.


To nurture a culture of philanthropy throughout the College community, and in partnership with donors, seek to provide opportunities, support, and a world-class learning environment for the boys of BBC.

The BBC Foundation is dedicated solely to meeting the needs of BBC and supporting our College as an outstanding learning environment. We invest in our boys as the next generation of leaders, innovators and change makers. The only way we are able to do this is through being part of a committed community, which has fostered a culture of connection and philanthropy spanning more than 100 years.

The role of the Foundation is to nurture our culture of philanthropy amongst parents, Old Collegians and friends of the College to raise financial support to fund various developments at the College.

Over the years, our boys have benefitted from a broad tapestry of support from throughout the College community. Gifts ensure that the College remains true to our founder’s vision as a vital and successful educational institution.

Every member of the BBC community is invited to invest in the ongoing development of our College by contributing their own personal gift towards the area(s) of their choice.

Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated as they make a difference in the lives of BBC boys.

For more information on any aspect of our new approach to nurturing a culture of philanthropy, please contact the College.

Read our Foundation Annual Report

The Foundation Vision is to focus on the following five fundraising pillars:

Annual Appeal — once a year, every year.

Present a coherent and admirable appeal project to our community to cultivate financial and emotional engagement every year

Capital Campaign — a vision splendid.

Develop an aspirational Capital Campaign wholly embraced by our BBC community.

An Occasion to Remember

Design, host and administer a carefully formulated suite of thoughtful and purposeful events throughout the year


Inspire investing in equity and diversity bursaries for boys of excellence to attend BBC.

Gifts in Wills — the legacy of a lifetime.

Create a culture of leaving gifts in Wills to BBC through a conscious, planned, respectful program.

It is essential the Foundation develops the platforms needed for building our pillars and therefore success depends upon strength in these areas:

1.  Good Governance — I see right through you

To continuously demonstrate in everything we do, our integrity, reliability, trustworthiness, responsibility and inclusivity.

2.  Promotion and Communication

Show and Tell To regularly share BBC Foundation stories with all our stakeholders through a personal approach appropriate to their needs, interests and communication preferences.

3.  Database — Getting to know you

To host a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with secure, sophisticated, current stakeholder information storage.

4.  Report and Measure — What difference does it make?

To accurately and openly report to all stakeholders our impact and the difference the Foundation makes to BBC Boys.

5.  Plan and Review — Plan. Do. Check.

Be committed to our vision and seeing the plan through, with enough flexibility to make adjustments if the need arises.