The BBC Athletic Development Program is designed to cater for all students, regardless of individual goals, whether it is playing sport for enjoyment or the start of an elite development pathway.

Athletic Development Philosophy

The overall education of a Brisbane Boys’ College student embraces many aspects. Within these aspects, the physical, psychological, communication and strategic learning components of a boy’s education can be fostered and nurtured within the College’s Athletic Development Program.

Students are encouraged to enjoy their young physical learning environment, before learning to train specifically for their sport. From here, students are encouraged to be accountable to the wider program and learn to create training strategies that are self-governed and directed to improving their competitive characteristics. At Brisbane Boys' College we do not develop boys only for specific sports; rather we develop pre-adolescent boys into strong young men who are capable of undertaking any co-curricular activity they choose to the best of their capability.

Aligning the classroom and the sporting field

The program is all encompassing, student focused and designed directly to improve educational outcomes by nurturing the physical, psychological, communication and strategic learning components of a boy's education.

Underpinning the program is Habits of Mind, a set of thinking dispositions, which is embedded in the curriculum throughout the College. The program demonstrates BBC's commitment to taking an holistic approach to the learning journey. 

Long Term Athletic Development 

The Brisbane Boys’ College Athletic Development pathway has been crafted to fall in line with the latest peer reviewed research and is designed to build students’ strength qualities – identified in the program’s philosophy – gradually over the period of their schooling career, in an enjoyable and challenging environment.

Prior to highlighting the College’s Athletic Development pathway we need to understand the principles of long term athlete development (LTAD). LTAD, by design, is fundamentally based on optimising gains in physiological qualities and identifying 'windows of opportunity' throughout adolescence in which to maximise gains in these physiological qualities. A combination of factors including maturation, hormonal, anatomical, neurological and musculoskeletal changes all have individual effects on adaptation to training and how the body’s physiological processes adapt over time as a result of the training stimulus. Developing talent, on the whole, requires a holistic approach, and must consider much more than physiological quality alone.

"Great schools are crafted by young men who commit to performing the process perfectly in a range of activities; our program aims to produce strong, robust students, capable of making informed decisions on their physical wellbeing; being resilient and process driven in the sporting world and physically strong enough to endure the rigours of their selected sports." 


Boys in Prep to Year 4 have the opportunity to take part in BBC's Mini-Clinics program, which is designed to encourage their interest in physical activity, develop basic skills and to create a passion for sport. 

The clinics encompass the Healthy Bodies program, where boys begin to learn the basics of nutrition and healthy exercise practices. 

The focus however is ultimately on enjoyment, enabling boys to try their hand at a range of sports from cricket through to rugby, football, Australian Rules, gymnastics and basketball, prior to participating in the College's interschool competition.