At the core of our curriculum is BBC's Teaching and Learning framework - Dimensions of Learning (DOL). The framework is based on what researchers know about how students learn and combines teacher-directed and student-directed learning.

Developed by Robert Marzano, it’s widely used in schools across Australia and internationally and is based on teaching students how to think, not what to think.

Dimensions of Learning at BBC

Why use it?

Having one overarching framework creates cohesion in a large school and enables students to make connections across subject disciplines. It also:

  • Provides a resource for teaching and learning strategies
  • Sets a framework for planning professional learning for staff
  • Gives students and teachers a common language for talking about learning and teaching
  • Teaches students thinking skills they can apply themselves, hence develops independence

Five dimensions

The DOL framework comprises of five dimensions: Attitudes and Perceptions, Acquire and Integrate Knowledge, Extend and Refine Knowledge, Use Knowledge Meaningfully and Habits of Mind.

New generation, new tools

At Brisbane Boys’ College there is always a Next Generation – this is never truer than for technology.

Today, more than ever, we need to move our thinking beyond traditional literacy to a more dynamic set of 21st-century fluencies, skills that are needed to live and succeed in this rapidly changing society. These skills are not just about technological prowess; they’re not about hardware but more about headware!

We promote 21st century fluencies and encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and innovation. Staying ahead of the curve is vital, that’s why we advocate 1-1 learning using Tablet PCs. This keeps us in-step with the ever evolving world of technology, transforming students of today into the skilled professionals, successful businessmen and leaders of tomorrow.


The library is a vital partner in the teaching and learning program of Brisbane Boys' College, serving the 21st century information needs of its community. Substantial international evidence now shows that in an age defined by connectivity, global connection and rapid developments in technology, an active library program has a positive impact on student achievement in a range of areas, from reading scores to literacy and broader learning.

BBC's library program is tailored to empower students at all year levels to become effective information users, confident and passionate readers, and creative lifelong learners. It features strong collaboration with teachers in the teaching and learning process, connecting learners with high quality print and digital resources, and encouraging a love of reading, particularly through a vibrant wide reading program in the Middle School.