At BBC, you can be confident that your son will transition into a well-rounded individual.

Within the Junior School, we strive to foster individuals with a balanced, well-rounded, healthy attitude to life, the strength to cope with the diverse aspects of relationships, the abilities to show compassion and tolerance, and to have respect and an appreciation for self and others regardless of race or gender.

The transition to manhood can be a perilous and somewhat unfamiliar journey, but there are ways to keep teenage boys on course. Our Year 7 Connect Retreat Orientation Program is geared towards transition and belonging and aims to help Middle School boys transition to manhood.  The program includes lessons, ceremonies, rituals, sharing sessions and physical challenges designed for adolescent boys. It is an opportunity for the boys to hear from other men in their life, not just their father, but from Old Collegians as well and for parents to identify and affirm the traits they admire most about their son. Starting high school represents a landmark moment in your son’s life and as with any change, the thought of starting something new is often met with much excitement and, naturally, anticipation. Our Year 7 Connect Retreat Orientation Program offers a unique retreat experience, where each Year 7 boy immerses himself in the values and traditions of the College and forges lifelong bonds. Our Year 7 cohort is then welcomed back to the College with a guard of honour and the BBC war cry.

With distinct, guided and celebrated transition from Middle to Senior School, our Year 11 Retreat is designed to support and inspire Seniors embarking on their final year of leading the College and managing their Senior School journey. And the journey doesn’t end at Year 12. At Brisbane Boys’ College, we are driven by a desire to ensure our students leave the College gates confident in their skills and ability to actively participate in the 21st century environment.