The release of OP results represents a significant milestone for many of our 2016 Seniors and we would like to congratulate them on their achievements.

This year’s cohort has secured exceptional results; the strongest in the history of our College including:

  • OP1 to 2 – 31.9%, including 22 OP1s and 16 OP2s
  • OP1 to 5 – 55.4%
  • OP 1 to 10 – 90.7%
  • OP1 to 15 – 100%

In 2016, our seniors also achieved record results in the Queensland Core Skills Test with more than 50 percent of our OP Eligible students achieving an A grading, more than 75 percent achieving either an A or a B, and more than 90 percent recording either an A, B, or C.

Our boys have shown an incredible work ethic throughout the year and their achievements speak not only to their commitment to excellence but to the dedication of our staff and their ability to engage and empower boys in their learning.

These results provide a fitting end to what has been a stellar year across the board - in the classroom, on the sporting field, out in the community and on stage; achievements that have reflected each boy’s individual endeavour.  

At BBC, everything we do is for the benefit of each individual boy. We believe success has many different faces and we are incredibly proud of all our seniors; they are great people, capable of achieving truly great things and we know they will go forth with the confidence and capability to change the world.

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